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Journaling to lose weight success - Barbeelove Fitness

Journaling for losing weight success - Barbeelove Fitness


One way quite a few people is able to keep their weight �under control� would be to become accountable for exactly what they do. There are lots of methods to do that, and one really effective way that does not cost much will the easy art of JOURNALING. Start when you purchase a smaller or medium size note book, a fancy leather bound journal, And all you techies�you are able to use an APP! Weight loss

Below Mentioned my personal favorite app I prefer on my own iPad, and one I prefer on my small Samsung Galaxy phone (Android). Apps these days are really cool, you can contribute pictures, videos, locations, privacy lock codes, etc.

Why would you use a journal? Documenting things help to keep you on track, you really SEE that which you have and have not been doing according to your goals. You can start your journal by listing what your purpose are, lasting and short term.

Break down your long-term goals into temporary goals. Then ACTUALLY incorporate those goals in your permanent schedule every day, week, month:

I will lose 50 lbs by December 31, 2014
My goal is to lose approximately 8.5 lbs each month
My goal is to lose approximately 2.2 lbs weekly

I will run 24 miles every month
I am going to run 6 miles every week
I am going to run 2 miles on M, W, and F in the evening

Note down your long-term and short-term goals

Put your shopping for groceries inside your schedule permanently on your own favorite day. Choose two days and time frames for doing all your food prep and set it inside your schedule permanently. Don't allow almost anything to get in the way of the days and times, they're imperative that you making money online.

Take note of what you're eating and the way much exercising you are carrying out each day�be HONEST with yourself even though you deviated out of your menu. This can be food journaling in order to also be accountable for what you're or aren�t doing to reach your goals.

Take note of When you feel a craving starting or just desire to deviate from your menu. In this moment, STOP�write down what you're saying to yourself to sabotage your meals plan. Jot it down Before you decide to eat the unhealthy food. Sit with whatever feelings you might be having and also experience them instead of masking all of them with food. (I wish for you to check back after many months entries and find out if you have a design of an certain form of behavior).

Jot down anything you want about how exactly you are feeling at any time.

Note down when you're feeling at your lowest each day. Say why/what/who made you are feeling this way�even whether or not this was YOU.

Take note of if you are feeling your best daily. Say why/what/who was linked to causing you to feel happy even when it turned out YOU.

Make this happen EVERYDAY.

Following each day/week/month check off anything you have accomplished. Every month you will soon note that you happen to be closer and closer towards reaching unwanted weight loss goals. Each month you will preserve breaking bad habits and boosting your good habits.

Consider this: Everything you Happen to be DOING During the past HAS NOT BEEN In your favor, SO YOU MUST CHANGE What you're doing OR YOU WILL KEEP GETTING THE RESULTS YOU HAVE BEEN GETTING. Weight loss

Weight loss is more of a MENTAL CHALLENGE than a PHYSICAL CHALLENGE. Journaling helps you to knock out your mental challenges.
Contact me ASAP and I can help you on your journey.
Tamara Barbee Savoie
Office: 772-444-BFIT772-444-BFIT

Post by training918g (2016-01-29 11:32)

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